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Deploy to your own Cloudflare account (beta)

The PartyKit platform is powered by Cloudflare Workers, a worldwide network of servers that run projects with low latency and high performance.

By default we manage the platform for your projects.

Managed vs Cloud-Prem

As a managed platform, PartyKit abstracts away the complexity of deploying to the cloud and allows you to focus on building. We handle ops and provisioning resources like static assets, Durable Objects, configuring routes and more. Our platform also scales with you.

In some advanced scenarios, you may want to move away from the managed platform and deploy your projects to your own Cloudflare account instead:

  • You have regulatory requirements that require you to use your own Cloudflare account
  • You want to use a domain already configured under Cloudflare
  • You’d like to use your existing Cloudflare Workers and services in tandem with PartyKit

PartyKit supports this configuration, called cloud-prem.

You can start with the default, managed platform and switch to cloud-prem at any point.

How to deploy


Terminal window
CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID=<your account id> CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN=<your api token> npx partykit deploy --domain

Running this command will deploy your project to your own Cloudflare account.


The PartyKit platform fee is waived while the cloud-prem feature is in beta. If you’re using this for commercial purposes, please reach out to us on Discord to discuss pricing.

Future development

This is our initial implementation and we’re planning features based on demand. For example future versions of cloud-prem could:

  • Add bindings to Cloudflare services that PartyKit doesn’t support yet (like KV, R2, D1, logpush)
  • Integrate PartyKit’s login with Cloudflare Access/Logins
  • Run PartyKit inside a wrangler project

We’d love to hear feedback and feature requests on our Discord, let us know!