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🎈 What is PartyKit

Everything’s better with friends.

PartyKit simplifies developing multiplayer applications. With PartyKit, you can focus on building multiplayer apps or adding real-time experiences to your existing projects with as little as one line of code. Meanwhile, PartyKit will handle operational complexity and real-time infrastructure scaling.

By leveraging the reach of edge computing platforms and novel programming primitives, PartyKit is powerful enough to build the most complex of applications, all the while providing a familiar interface.

Enough talk, let’s get started!

Get Started

To get started:

Key Features

  • customizable: choose which libraries or abstractions to run based on your use case or trade-offs, and deploy your own business logic that runs on the platform.
  • scalable: PartyKit leverages edge computing networks to support thousands of users across the planet, intelligently routing and optimizing connections from users without requiring any developer interventions. It also scales tens to thousands of users.
  • just JavaScript: use familiar language (JavaScript or optionally Wasm) to write the code that runs on the servers.
  • batteries included: PartyKit comes with local dev tools, deploy previews, secret management to work well with your development workflows and your stack.
  • intuitive: enjoy the simple interface, which enables a powerful platform.

Example use cases

PartyKit is a technology for realtime multiplayer collaborative applications. Example use cases include:

  • collaboration apps, such as whiteboards, code editors, text editors, music co-creation, and more
  • game development
  • long-running agentive AI bots

Are you using PartyKit? We want to hear from you! Share your project with us on Discord or Twitter!

Who’s using PartyKit?

  • BlockNote, an open source block-based rich text editor - see PartyKit in action on their homepage
  • tldraw, a collaborative digital whiteboard where PartyKit powers the collaborative whiteboard experience
  • Stately, a suite of visual tools for building app logic, which uses PartyKit to run state machines on the edge
  • Kent C. Dodds, a leading web dev educator uses PartyKit to power live avatars on his course platform (read our blog post about Epic Web)
  • ViteConf, an online-first conference celebrating Vite community implemented live reactions with PartyKit (read our blog post about ViteConf)
  • SiteGPT where PartyKit powers an AI agent

Get involved

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