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Follow this quickstart guide to create and deploy your first PartyKit app in just a few minutes.

Note that to run PartyKit, you need to have Node v. 17 or higher installed.

Create a PartyKit app

To start your adventure, run the following command in your terminal to create a new PartyKit project:

Terminal window
npm create partykit@latest

That’s it! Navigate to your project’s directory, and explore your first PartyKit app 🥳

Run a dev server

To see PartyKit in action, run the following command in your terminal in your project’s directory:

Terminal window
npx partykit dev

Once the server is running, open localhost with the designated port (defaulting to 1999) in two windows to simulate two users logging using the app.

Deploy your app

Next, deploy your PartyKit server:

Terminal window
npx partykit deploy

To read more about deploying PartyKit apps, check our guide.

After the domain has been provisioned (up to two minutes), share the link with your friends and play with it live 🥳

Questions? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you 🎈 Reach out to us on Discord or Twitter!